WELCOME to MARATHON CHARTS RADIO, a station aiming at making a World record for chart play-outs live on radio. We aim to play EVERY UK SINGLES CHART from it’s roots in 1952, right through, week by week, to the year 2000, and probably beyond even that.

We are playing those old UK charts IN ORDER, one after the other, with all the music in FULL. No one has ever attempted such a feat, and in doing this ENORMOUS task we hope to bring old gold and forgotten music back to the present. All the live shows are archived, forming a massive ON DEMAND show selection, adding each chart broadcast as we go.

The project will take around 3 years to complete, playing 2 charts per day, and thus moving through one year of charts every 26 days. We try to present the old charts in a lively and tightly formatted show, with chart position, movement, and other jingles, with a full countdown (from 1956), all woven into a daily morning show. It’s an exciting time ahead

We are 24/7 on Radioboss FM. The station was born in March 2020, although we originally planned only to play the 60’s charts onwards, but then added the fab fifties series. Please support us in this CRAAAZY project!